About the Firm

White & Wolnerman is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal analysis, advice and representation from a commercial and pragmatic perspective.  We are result-oriented business lawyers that recognize the need for creative solutions to complex situations in an ever changing financial landscape. Our attorneys are aggressive, cost-effective problem solvers who bring the highest level of skill and experience to every case - no matter how large or how small. Our cost-effective, personal service is tailored to the specific concerns of each client, from large corporations to small businesses and individuals.  Clients count on us for innovative and business-minded solutions.  We are committed to understanding their business and contributing to their success.  We are lawyers with the expertise and intellectual rigor to be partners in your initiatives.  

Quality representation and legal advice is only the first step.  We believe that, after the quality of the substantive advice, client service is the single most important differentiator between law firms. In order to maximize the value to our clients, all technical legal advice is put in a proper perspective so that our clients are in a position to fully appreciate the opportunities before it, as well as the consequences of any decision.

As a result of our moderate size and business-minded perspective, our clients work with senior, seasoned attorneys at cost effective and sensitive pricing, which is often critical to the success of their legal and business strategies.

 Our goal is to establish and strengthen long-term client relationships by serving our clients professionally, responsibly, expertly, and efficiently.